We're a results driven team

Our team emphasis on generating profits and achieving success in our trades, and making strategic decisions that are geared towards achieving these goals. 

We are technologists, designers, marketers, and educators

Among fundamental factors towards achieving the success of any platform, the professional team is being one of the main pillars. Titan Nowcaz is the founder/ Trader of FXProfit, with over 25 years experience in international investment banking. Nowcaz attracted more than $80 million to European startups focusing AI ROBOTIC TRADING. Since 2010, owns a company that advises hedge funds and family offices that have over $1 Billion under their management. During this period was when he formed FXProfit, firstly he started with giving educational tutorials on HOW TO TRADE ON YOUR OWN IN THE FOREX MARKET, before he now found a strategy which helps him average a return of 7-10% weekly and keeps anything over 5.8% for himself and sustainability of the company on long term. Here’s one of Nowcaz Titan’s fxbook account. 

Meet our Director

Introducing Andrzej Mikolajczyk, the visionary leader driving FXProfit’s success. With deep expertise in financial markets, Andrzej guides the company with innovation and strategic thinking. Their commitment to transparency, unique approach to EA and AI development, and dedication to outstanding results make FXProfit stand out in the industry. Trust Andrzej Mikolajczyk to lead FXProfit toward financial excellence.

Andrzej Mikolajczyk

Chief Executive Officer

Assistant Director

Meet Krystian Edward Zaucha, the dynamic Assistant Director at FXProfit. With a wealth of experience in the financial markets, Krystian Edward plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s success. Their strategic thinking, operational expertise, and commitment to excellence make them invaluable assets to FXProfit. With Krystian on board, FXProfit is well-equipped to deliver exceptional services and achieve long-term growth.

Krystian Edward Zaucha

Executive Officer

We are special with our values

FXProfit has developed a transparent and fluid communication within its platform structure, which allows to set the most ambitious goals and successfully achieve them within a designated timeframe.







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