Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to commonly asked questions about FXProfit and our services in the forex market. Gain clarity and find the information you need to make informed decisions about your investments.

Account Access

Changing a registration email?

If the user changes the registration Email, for security reasons, the withdrawal of funds will be locked for 7 days after changing the Email…

How to register an account?

Registration on the platform is possible only through an affiliate link. You can get an affiliate link from any platform affiliate writer or marketer, who daily publishes photos and videos on social networks marked “FXProfit”.

Forgot your login?

If you have forgotten your email address used during registration, write to our customer support on the website or send an email to with a request to restore your username.

Did you face troubles logging into your account?

Please check the email address and password that you enter. Also, clear your browser cookies and cache.

How to change the email address for an account?

To change the Email on your account, you should write to from your current Email, to which your account is registered on the FXProfit platform…

Causes and circumstances that may lead to the blocking of the user's account.

Forbidden to:

1. Use of multiple user accounts;
2. Use of illegally obtained income;
3. Use of funds received as bonuses from other user’s accounts or multiple accounts;
4. Use of funds received as a result of operations committed by mistake;
5. Dissemination of false information about the activities of FXProfit, discrediting the reputation of FXProfit;
6. Dissemination of false information about employees, users of FXProfit, discrediting the reputation of FXProfit;
7. Intentional misrepresentation of information about FXProfit employees and users;
8. An attempt to disrupt the FXProfit website and software;
9. Hacking or attempts to hack or gain access to the accounts/wallets of FXProfit employees and users;
10. Disclosure of information about FXProfit employees and users to third parties, except for responses to official requests of authorized persons.

If a policy violation is detected, the FXProfit user account may be blocked. A notification will be sent to the FXProfit user email address explaining the reasons for the blocking and further instructions.

Forgot your password?

If you have forgotten your password, use the password recovery function, click ‘Forgot?’, wait for the letter sent to the email address that you put during registration. Next, in the letter, click the ‘Reset’ button, you will be redirected to set a new password. Fill in the form. After successful completion, you will be able to log in with a new password.


How does the re-invest profit process go?

So far your profits return is up to $50, simply click on the investment, re-invest profit, and follow the process and it will be activated immediately.

My last investment expired but I don't want to quit, what need I do?

All you need to do is top up your capital with a least the minimum deposit ($50) and kick off with a new contract.

I invested in BTC, can I get paid in ETH?

No, any coin you deposit with is, what you’ll get your profits with.

A family member wants to join, and lives in the same household. Can I register him/her under me, and are there any conditions.

Yes feel free

I still have several active investments. But when I hit the reinvest capital button it still takes me to the payment process. I don't want to to-pup? What do I do?

Don’t worry the company will take care of that once we receive the notification of reinvestments if you get to that stage.

Financial Transactions

Adding a Blockchain wallet address

When adding a new blockchain wallet address on the FXProfit platform, for security reasons, the withdrawal of funds will be blocked for 3 days after adding a new address.

Deposit and withdrawal process

Deposits and withdrawals are made in BTC, ETH.

All internal platform transactions, license activation, and settlements with users are made in USDT.

At the time of execution of the withdrawal request, FXProfit converts USDT to BTC, and ETH and sends cryptocurrencies to the user’s blockchain wallet address.

Withdrawal of funds

To withdraw funds, you need to add your blockchain wallet address at FXProfit platform. To do this, use the button of ‘Wallet’ on the account page.

How to buy a cryptocurrency?
Processing time for withdrawal requests

All deposits and withdrawals are done on weekends( Saturday-Sunday) then trades commence from Monday-Friday ( and no deposits is allowed again till the weekend.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $50, while the minimum deposit amount to join is $50.

Both deposits and withdrawals are available in BTC and ETH.

The withdrawal process usually takes 30 minutes. In some cases, and with a heavy load on the blockchain network, the withdrawal process can take up to 72 hours.

In case of a high load on the blockchain network, as well as a large number of requests from users, the processing of the transactions can take up to 5 days

We recommend to you do not cancel withdrawal requests unnecessarily as this may lead to the re-creation of the request and increased waiting times.

Affiliate Program

How do I know who is my sponsor?

You can see who your sponsor is on the “Referral” page. Find the section “my referrals” with the binary tree.

How does the Affiliate program work?

And we have a two referral-level programs:

*Level 1:(direct referral 1×1 4%) *Level 2 and 3: (indirect referral 1×2 2.5% and 1×3 1.5%)

And these bonuses are paid instantly once the customer gets involved, If you refer a customer you earn 4% referral bonus instantly of the amount deposited (level 1), and if the customer you refer brings in another customer you earn 2.5% referral bonus from the customer your direct referral brings along( level 2). 

Also if a level 2 customer brings another customer you will earn 1.5% as a level 3 referral bonus. And the more these people re-invests the more you earn a referral commission depending on the referral level the customer falls in.